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What Are the Benefits of Drinking Kombucha?

Kombucha has a golden reputation, but do you know its true health benefits?

We know you have questions:

  • What is Kombucha?
  • How is it made?
  • Where can you get it?

We have the answers on Kombucha!

What is Kombucha and How is it Made?

Kombucha is a fermented drink based on a combination of tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. “Fermented” means it’s been allowed to culture over time to generate certain health benefits, like probiotics.

Kombucha is a beverage that’s literally made up of healthy yeast and bacteria. Through fermentation, tea, and sugar, Kombucha is created.

The next question is obvious: What does Kombucha taste like?

Kombucha has a taste that is somewhat similar to fruit juice, and many people sing its delicious praises, especially with its interesting flavor options, such as raspberry lime.

This fizzy, fermented tea is partly sweet and partly tart, but the overall taste does matter on the flavor you purchase, as well as the company that makes it.

Kombucha can take seven to 30 days to make because it takes time to brew. Of course, you can also buy it at Drug Emporium for a lower price than anywhere else, including Wal-Mart, and drink it at your convenience.

Where to Buy Kombucha

How can you get your hands on this wonder drink?

Well, Vitamins Plus inside Drug Emporium is one of many stores that sell Kombucha in Longview, Texas and our other store locations, and we have Kombucha priced lower than anyone else. In addition, you can do the rest of your healthy living shopping in our stores while you’re in to get your Kombucha.

We ensure a personal touch you won’t find at other grocery stores, health food stores, or pharmacies that sacrifice customer service for convenience. On top of Kombucha beverages, you’ll find vitamins, nutritional and pre-workout supplements, exercise-fueling snacks, organic consumable products, special dietary health foods, and so much more.

While more people are starting to make Kombucha in their homes, it’s important to purchase this product from a reputable company for contamination purposes, as over-fermented Kombucha can cause health problems.

Commercial Kombucha products contain less than 0.5 percent alcohol, whereas a homemade batch could contain more, which can offset Kombucha’s health benefits, or even create unwanted side effects or problems.

We do encourage you to purchase Kombucha from a store for health reasons and also because store-bought Kombucha is simply made properly and tastes delicious.

Find a flavor you enjoy at your local Drug Emporium location and bask in the benefits of Kombucha.


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